Saturday, August 12, 2017

Illuminati WW-III: Answer to North Korea

North Korea is a puppet state created by Soviet Russia immediately after WW-II.

It was the result of America having invited Russia to enter the Pacific Theater to help America defeat Japan.

The thing was we really needed no help.

In 1945 our advance across the Pacific had shrunken Imperial Japan to little more than its core territory and put her within regular bombing range of our air force, which ruled the skies.

Her sea routes had been cut by our submarines

Unknown to many, Japan was already making proposals to surrender even as she began starving to death.

For us, it was all just a matter of letting Japan rot on the vine.

But the Communists here in America had another idea: "why not let the Soviet Union (Russia) enter the war?"

After all an invasion of Japan would cost us a million more lives!

The fact that our new atomic bomb weapon was standing by, ready to be used was discarded, like all troublesome facts are by the crypto-Communist scenario builders.

Russia HAD to enter the Pacific War, according to these secret Communists, because an invasion of Japan would cost us too many American men.

It didn't occur to any of these fellows that all America had to do to win is just...sit by and wait!

Soviet Russia had already stuck its unwelcome nose in the Pacific War by funding China's Communist guerrilla movement against Japan on the mainland.

Now the American Communists opened the gates of Asia to them.

And the Soviets charged in!

The Soviet Blitzkrieg rammed right into Manchuria and made its way halfway down the Korean peninsula before our atomic bomb (which we suddenly noticed was available) ended the war and forced Japan's surrender.


We Could have either bombed Japan or left Japan cut off Japan to force its surrender.

By inviting  Russia's entry, all we did was hand over China and North Korea as further recruits of the Communist Empire.

We are paying for that today.

Boy are we paying!

Ergo North Korea.

China and North Korea were joint acquisitions of the Communist Empire of Soviet Russia.

They were both Communist nations which operated under the direction of Soviet Russia....and still do today.

And yes, Russia is still 'Soviet' Russia, I don't care how much you admire Putin - a murderous Communist.
(read below)



So we got stuck with Communist China, which protected the North Korean regime after we kicked its ass for attempting  to take South Korea.

  And eventually indeed, China kicked OUR ASS and kicked US out of North Korea (thanks to the help of the CIA - which kept all Chinese military movements secret) and its agents in the State Department -  who kept us from going all out against China.

But let me repeat this.

China kicked US out of North Korea after we invade it.

And let me say this about China too.

China was responsible for our defeat in Vietnam (along with the Communists in the State Department) due to us pulling our punches because of CHINA'S THREAT of entering the Vietnam War as well.

That's two Chinese-caused defeats, folks - Korea and Vietnam!

The second defeat (due to Communist agents within our government and society) actually caused the ABOLISHMENT of the draft here in America.


If that isn't demolishing America, I don't know what is!

Oh, but why stop there?

China (with here State Department Communist buddies) is also responsible for the single-handed demolition of the American Economy!

One would think that the complete de-industrialization of America would be nothing less than than a shocking event heralded the world over (since we only accomplished such a thing with Germany and Japan only after years of round-the-clock bombing!).

But no excitement across the world or at home at all.

We simply packed up all our industries (and jobs and wealth and economic viability that goes along with it) and SHIPPED IT ALL TO COMMUNIST CHINA!

Meanwhile...the sound of crickets.

I guess nothing (important) really happened.

So there.

The Communist Chinese kicked out our Chinese Nationalist Allies out of China, made us lose the Korean War, made us lose the Vietnam War, brought down the Draft and destroyed our economy...and became the world's number one economic power.

  I think perhaps we don't respect Communist Chinese accomplishment enough, don't you?

But why all this talk about Communist China?

Let me re-state the point:

China controls North Korea.

China has given North Korea nuclear weapons.

Russia controls China.

I know this is hard to believe for all the  pro-Putin worshipers, but there it is.

Russia has played us.

China has played us.

America is akin to the clueless dummy with the big butt everybody likes to fool and pick on during recess.

Russia and China like slapping clueless America HARD across his butt, flicking America's earlobes and stickling out a foot to make America fall HARD on the asphalt, while giving America monkey punches on the nards.

That's right, fellow Americans. 

America has been, is and continues to be played with by these Communist masqueraders, while American Communists in our own State Department who should have been hanged a long time ago,  play around with our government and stick broom handles up our collective assholes.

But back to North Korea.

North Korea is a puppet of Communist China and (indirectly) of Communist Russia.

As such it is part of the joint operation by Russia and China on America called WW-III.

Anything North Korea does is on the behalf of China and Russia and for the cause of Communist victory.

North Korea is a PAWN to be sacrificed for the success of the Sino-Russian alliance.

But for now, please understand what a pawn is.

You see the pawns in the game of Chess.

A PAWN'S sole reason is to SACRIFICE itself in the sole interest tricking, distracting or provoking the opponent to fall into some strategy it's master had dreamed up to defeat his opponent.

North Korea is merely a PAWN to make sure to start WW-III...with the West off balance...and Russia and China in a superior position.

Kim Jong Il is expendable.

The North Korean people are expendable.

The importance of the future of North Korea is nothing important.

The important thing is that North Korea do her part to start the US and its allies on the wrong foot in WW-III.

What is the wrong foot?

Well, how about the US deploying ALL its forces to Korea...

...while the Russia attacks Europe.

Or how about...

America starts WW-III with ALL its bases in the Pacific nuked by North Korea...

...and with no supporting infrastructure to support a war with...China!

It doesn't matter that by the time this happens, North Korea is a pile of ash.

Or how about North Korea nuking all the airfields in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.... an appetizer for an all out Chinese attack into those places.

But before proceeding, let me mention just one important thing...

...China is also expendable.

Oh yeah, the Chinese might today consider themselves the overlords of the Pacific and a future world power with a bright future.

But the truth is that CHINA itself is there merely to act as a PAWN for the ultimate victory of Russia.


The US Navy deploys all its ships to the Pacific for war against China...

...and leaves the Atlantic supply line to Europe unprotected...

...from Russian submarines.

Or how about an America already tenderized by a mutually devastating nuclear exchange with China... surrendering to Russia upon being informed that RUSSIA plans a SECOND nuclear strike if she doesn't?

Gotterdamerung anyone?

Didn't think so.

But where were we?

Oh yeah, North Korea.

The point of it all is this?

We need in TODAY...a nuclear foreign policy that will STOP this dead-man-walking towards defeat and destruction.

We need to tell off China and Russia NOW...

...because China and Russia are the ones who are using North Korea as a pawn to threaten, intimidate...and ultimately strike us.

Let's not play this stupid game anymore.


Now we have to make a counter move.

Tell China quietly, but seriously...

...that it has very little time to reverse itself...



That's it.

Most of them can build their own nuclear weapons anyway.

They have the nuclear and ballistic technology to do it.

 And the remainder can purchase nuclear weapons on the black market.

How do you think China will feel to wake with Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philppines, Singapore, Thailand and Australia all sporting nuclear weapons aimed at her?

Escalation you say?

An invitation to provoke armageddon?

Maybe you missed the point.

China has ALREADY escalated by arming and using North Korea to threaten us and our allies.

Now it's time we do the same.

And if China feels comfortable surrounded by enemy nations sporting nuclear weapons, then let her continue her present policy.

Meanwhile we have to set our foot down.

If North Korea gets nuclear weapons, then EVERYBODY GETS THEM!

Chances are we will save our own skin and that of millions of others by DOING THIS NOW!!!

We must answer with an eye for an eye.

The nuclear genie is already out of the bottle.

Our counter to China's proliferation of nuclear weapons must be...



Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Mr Illuminati: WW-III Horrible Questions & Answers

Q: Is WW-III About to begin?

A: Yes.

Q: Why?

A: To change the world into the next New World Order. Remember that the world was not the same following the Napoleonic Wars, it was not the same following WW-I and again it was not the same following WW-II. Each war changed the world into the next step towards the new world order of the ages.

Q: Wait a minute, there is more than one World Order?

A: Each change of the world into a new order of things is a different new world order. The ultimate and final result is to be THE New World Order of the Ages.

Q: So war is used to change the world?

A: Yes, war is an agent of change. A nation is never the same it was after a war as it was before a war, and this is particularly true for World Wars, in which case the entire world is never the same again! In fact, you can call war a revolutionary act.

Q: So the purpose of WW-III  is to change the world once more?

A: Yes

Q: How?

A: More international, more united, more cooperative, more socialist, more centralized. This has been the result of every  world war.

Q: What will the post WW-III look like?

A: Well, it will not be an absolute world government...yet. It will be a multi-region world. Nations will disappear as sovereign entities and will become mere subdivisions of socioeconomic regions, coordinating under a deliberative body similar to the United Nations.

Q: So the result will be a few international regional governments, not one world government?

A: Yes, on the other hand, look at the big change - the end of the sovereign nation state.

Q: In other words, several European Union type governments?

A: Yes

Q: No world government yet?

A: Well, we've always had world government - a secret world government which already controls the world covertly - the great new World Order of the Ages is an open world government in which everyone participates openly and knowingly is a member of a one world government and a one world religion (this will eventually be the case).

Q: So WW-III will be just one more step towards the New World Order of the Ages - in this case, the creation of several regional and international governments?

A: Yes.

Q: Will it happen by accident?

A: Nothing happens by accident. WW-III has been planned for a half century.

Q: You mean WW-III  is a set up?

A: It is something that will not only happen, but proceed and conclude in a prescribed and preconceived manner.

Q:  So WW-III has already been pre-planned from beginning?

A: Yes, just like WW-I and WW-II have been. Remember WW-I started at the very instant Europe had attained its highest standard of living and the greatest wealth it would ever have, and concluded suddenly though nothing was really settled.  And that in WW-II Hitler did not bother having total mobilization until 1943, while carrying out all sorts of invasions  and provocations.

Q: So war is artificial and pre-planned.

A: Yes.

Q: You said WW-III has been planned for the last 50 years or so, please expand.

A: Every world war has contributed to the spread of Communism.  WW-I established Communism in Russia. WW-II spread Communism to Eastern Europe, China a and North Korea. The Cold War spread Communism to the Third World (Cuba, Nicaragua, Southeast Asia and many African countries).  

Q: So every world war has resulted in the advancement of Communism. Is it too far out to speculate that WW-III will result in the final victory of Communism?

A: No, in fact, you are exactly right.

Q; But Communism has collapsed in Russia and China has become capitalist, how could communism come back?

A: Well, that is an illusion which has been revealed by Soviet KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn, in which Russia pretends to get rid of Communism while China pretends to become capitalist to lower the West's guard - all while preparing for a final attack against the Western World.

Q: So Russia and China are still Communist powers pretending to be capitalist while preparing all this time to attack the West?

A: Yes, and remember, they have been preparing for 50 years, while the West has been disarming for 50 years.

Q: Will nuclear strikes play any part in WW-III?

A: You touch upon a delicate issue. We WANT to use nuclear weapons for theatrical effect, yet we don't want to destroy the infrastructure we have built to control the world.

Q: You are talking about the Utah Data Center, the NSA building at Ft Meade, Maryland, CIA headquarters at Langley, Virginia, the Google barge, etc.

A: Yes, and much more....

Q: All of which would be the target of a nuclear strike during a nuclear war.

A: Yes.

Q: And the new world order can't tolerate the destruction of targets like these because it will cause you to lose control of the world?

A: Exactly

Q; So, let me guess...these infrastructures of control will not be touched during WW-III?

A: Correct

Q: Ergo no nuclear weapons will be used?

 A: Wrong, nuclear weapons will most definitely be used. They are necessary to add a feeling of doom and annihilation, which will facilitate the creation of international governments...and disarmament...all in the cause of human survival, of course.

Q: How are you going to use nuclear weapons without destroying the infrastructure you need to control the world.

A: They will be used in selective ways which will cause destruction, but will not destroy the infrastructure.

Q: So there is a lot of fear there, by that I mean a fear being produced by WW-III upon humanity

A: Exactly! WW-III will also be a psyop operation, in other words, a psychological operation, consisting not only of great destruction or horror, but the fear of annihilation - the end of humanity if you will.

Q: So fear is a major purpose of WW-III, a fear so huge it will cause humanity to...

A: ...relinquish its national sovereignty, rights and borders and accept a New World Order in exchange for peace and security.

Q: Right....but all this fear will be generated by real stuff, right, not just theatrics, I mean people are going to truly die?

A: Of course! What sort of idiotic question is that? The new impetus towards a New World Order will be powered by the ghastly mass killing that will occur in WW-III

Q: But wait a minute, how are you going to run your New World Order if Paris, London, Geneva, Basel, Washington, Wall Street, Denver and the rest of your New World Order power centers are destroyed?

A: Perhaps you missed the first half of our conversation? The power centers of the New World Order will not be destroyed!

Q: Oh, I see. Other parts of the world will be destroyed, quite horribly destroyed, as an example to the world population what continued warfare has in store for the rest of exactly.

A: Exactly.

Q: So, who and what will get destroyed?

A: The future wastelands of the world are already evident for anyone who knows how to read the signs. Unfortunately, some cities and even nations which are with us today will not be there once we enter the New World Order.

 Q: Expand on that, please.

A: Anyone with a basic animal instinct will begin to move away  from these places, as indeed, many are already doing.

Q: Ok, what places, exactly, are you talking about?

A: Well, these are the places that are going to be destroyed as a grand example to the rest of the world of what will happen to it should they refuse to join the New World Order, a Grand Guignol or theater of the grotesque so to speak. And I am talking about places that have already become hot spots in the world stage.

Q: Let's go over them in detail, please,  I think this is important!

A: Alright then we speak now of places like North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, parts of Japan, parts of China, Iran, Syria, the Gulf States, parts of Iraq, parts of Turkey, parts of Egypt, India, Pakistan and Israel...and the American West Coast. There will actually be giant wastelands as left over as gruesome monuments to this slaughter. Deaths will occur very quickly, much more quickly than they did in WW-II.

Q: So you are saying nuclear weapons WILL be used.

A: Yes, and nukes will become an accepted part of war in general. You already might have heard of them becoming part and parcel of US tactical thinking, in addition to Russian and Chinese thinking, why President Bush already introduced the concept of a nuclear pre-strike upon the enemy.

Q: Can you expand on that...uh...concept?

A: Well, to begin with, naval war will go nuclear:  nuclear torpedoes, nuclear anti-ship missiles, nuclear mines, overhead nuclear EMP detonations. But let's not forget the battlefield itself becoming nuclear with nuclear artillery shells, nuclear rockets, nuclear demolition mines and overhead nuclear detonations. just being a soldier will become so catastrophic lethal that people will beg to have robots do all the fighting. This is the truth of why they want to introduce robots to the battlefield! And let's not forget the nuclear demolition of cities. Sound too insane? Didn't the most progressive, advanced and democratic and reasonable nation on Earth, the United States, see it fit to annihilate two cities in order to win WW-II against Japan?  

Q: It's just hard to believe that humanity will go so ape-shit about killing each other, especially with nuclear weapons. Do they even have enough nukes?

A: Well, you have to remember many nations  already have nukes albeit secretly: South Africa has nukes, Israel has nukes, Saudi Arabia has nukes, North and South Korea have nukes, Iran has nukes, Pakistan has nukes, India has nukes, Taiwan has nukes, Japan has ready-to-assemble nukes, which gives them deniability, France has nukes, England has nukes, Russia, America and China have nukes...and not only do they have them, but they are ready to use them on the tactical battlefield, and there are additional countries who have rogue nuclear weapons leaked out of the collapsing Soviet Union during the end of the Cold War.

Q: Would all the nations of the world be so stupid as to go crazy with nuclear weapons like this?

A: Well, there two factors you have to consider: 1) why use a club if you have a machine gun? and 2) the mutual paranoia and fear that war inspires on both sides, to the point that makes it very tempting to hit with everything available.

Q: What about the 'end of the world,' meaning human extinction and the death of most of the human race.

A: A very tempting proposition, but in saying that you neglect the purpose of war, which is an instrument used to bring about giant change in political,social and economic reality. The world was totally different after the Napoleonic Wars, again changed radically after WW-I and suffered a further great change after WW-II. The Third World War will be no different.

Q: You mean we get to live? No end of humanity?

A: Well, you have to understand, this is trauma-based psychological mind modification we are trying to carry out. Of course many will die, but we are not aiming for the end of the world, we are going to create a psychological change in the human mind that accepts war as foolish and wants peace at all costs even to the point of giving up many things it now takes for granted.

Q: You mean accepting the New World Order.

A: We mean wanting, praying for, celebrating and joyfully welcoming the arrival of a New World Order.

Q: Which .of course, will promise peace, justice, and stability to the entire world?

A: Well, all you have to do is look at the justification for all past dictatorial regimes of  the world, and you will see that their justification has always been order, peace and stability. never democracy, rights and well being.

Q: So in WW-III you basically aim to scare the world into shitting their pants in fear of the destruction, so much so, that the world will end up BEGGING for a New World Order?

A: Precisely

Q: Are people really that stupid and cowardly?

A: Well you have to imagine your house being assaulted by starving, blood-thirsty hordes of murderous, starving masses. You have to imagine your self sitting in any given city waiting to see whether you are going to get nuked or not as the powers play a game of of tit-for-tat or random dice with nuclear annihilation of cities. You have to imagine bein homeless, on the move and in perpetual fear for your life.

Q: Well, since you put it that way...

A: The truth is anyone will choose a New World Order over continuing to live in perpetual agony.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

My Apologies...AGAIN

Once again I have been absent from the writing because I have been under unmitigated attack from all sides:  my neighbors, the county, the police, the home owners association, my failing health...and the supernatural.

It’s really amazing how all these things magically come together when they have to.

My apologies to all my readers, which include a gamut of intelligent and aware people from Christians, to Muslims to Hindi and others - all very intelligent and discerning readers who deserve a more regular delivery.

A very sad fact...because my desktop is covered in unpublished and unfinished reports and articles.

So lack of material is really not the issue!

Since my late attack of unexplained (yet thankfully temporary) blindness, I barely had time to recover before the entire avalanche of crud began raining down upon my head.

But as I said, I fear the supernatural more than I do the dangers of this earth...and the supernatural - the demonic supernatural- has been very much in evidence.

 Here is a series of Brief disjointed glimpses into my horrible short term past:

The neighbors calling the County on me...

...and the County responding like an obedient guard dog...

...the HOA joining in with LIES about myself and my property...

...county checks and inspections upon my property...

...the HOA demanding modifications to my property...

...a traffic accident caused ON PURPOSE by an AAA tow truck...the truck having recorded the “accident" with a dash cam, yet both the driver and the police coming together to REFUSE to let me see the video while the cop says he SAW me cause the accident on the video and the video proves it...

...serial death of small pets...

...friends  insisting on taking pictures of me while I eat at a local restaurant (while I have made it clear I don’t like my pictures taken)...but it’s alright, they said, because they using these “funny” app pictures where I am made to look like a cartoon character (never mind that the effect is totally reversilble, without which the have nothing but a series of close ups of myself)

...relatives from other states asking where I will be going and the exact time I'm going to be there...

....personal property disappearing... car repeatedly broken into...

...the neighbors caught taking pictures of my property... members caught in apparently very close and friendly terms with this hostile, trouble-making neighbor...and then denying it...

...out of state relatives mysteriously making appointments for me to a local medical institute WITHOUT a medical reference and refusing to say which doctor referenced the appointment... fish tank pump left disassembled and my fish tank left to empty on the living room floor...

...triple increase of blocked ID callers to my home...leaving IRS threats, asking for people I never heard of...or simply emanating strange sounds...

...mysterious callers to my home who ask for me by name....using a particular phone number I NEVER give out to anyone or anything....

...police helicopters loitering directly above my home at night...

....weird signs and effects showing up on my computer, making it very difficult to type... upper floors being flooded by microwaves (apparently the lower floors being spared because the microwaves come in at a 45 degree angle from a neighboring building) Epstein Barre anti-body count so elevated it is now off the scale...

...a hopeful visit to a homeopathic doctor who actually ELEVATED my blood pressure PERMANENTLY by 30 points..refuses to take any calls...until HE calls from a phone number I never give out to anyone about me missing my appointment....

....a mysterious blue pick up which patrols my house regularly, and whose reports led to the forced removal of aluminum shielding from my windows by the HOA...

...repeated and ongoing lies, threats and fines form the HOA...

...weird rapid heart beats, irregular heart beats, physical collapse and nausea....

...insistent calls form friends of friends insisting that I babysit their house and their pets...

...friends and relative inviting me to the exact same restaurant over and over again in spite of my complaints....

...the russian-sounding female opthamology tech (who insisted she was from Mexico City - yet did'nt speak a lick of Spanish) and proceeded to totally mess up my eye exam...leading to the doctor referring me to a  “neural opthamologist”...

....a serial change of the mailmen who handle my mail...

...constant incidents of feverish overheating and chills....

...the same cars pulling up in front of me and slowing down on my way out of the home and again on my way back...

...weird and coinciding stressful situations...

...simultaneous and parallel departures and arrivals by my neighbors in conjunction with myself...

....big and established Internet sites regularly denying me access....

...mysteriously sky-rocketing (and now ‘morbid’) blood pressure, which continues to increase even as I continue steadily losing weight...

.But never fear, in spite of my...troubled kidneys, fading eyesight and, crazy heartbeat, weird computer, i will continue to write.... Life is exciting....even though I am becoming accustomed to living in a hell hole (which is nothing new to me).

Whatever the case may be, just thought I’d mention all of this and...apoligize for my repeated absence...

...and in the process, wish you a big and happy ‘welcome back’ to the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog.

Humble Apologies,


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Did Trump Just Betray Our Allies?

Trump has a reputation as a “deal maker.”

He assumes the Presidency, the stock market goes up, American manufacturers start bringing jobs back from overseas, and Japanese automakers promise to increase the percentage of Japanese cars made right here in America.

Big Business seems to love Trump.

And Trump LOVES “deeeealzzzz.”

In fact, that was the title of his best-selling book: “The Art of the Deal.”

During all this deal making, smiling, head nodding and hand shaking, people forget that “the art of the deal” involves one giving up something in order to GET something else in involves a form of sacrifice, if you will.

...and it involves compromise...oh does it involve compromise.

Which leads me to sincerely question the latest of Trump block blusters:

Syria and North Korea.

Believe it or not, there has been a lot of “deal making” before, during and after the key events involving those two countries.

Before his election, Turmp was already turning heads about the “bromance” he was having with Vladimir Putin.

Trump couldn’t stop praising the guy, and neither could Putin on Trump.

Trump’s ability to have leaders of the world suddenly fall in love with him is ongoing and amazing.

On the surface, he later seemed to break the bromance with Putin, going back on the keep-out-of-Syria talks and nuclear disarmament treaties with the Russians.

In private, who knows?

One fine morning, out of the blue, he suddenly decided to hit Syria with an aerial cruise missile attack and gives the order after hearing Syria has used nerve gas on its own citizens (the supposed gassing itself looked like a staged false flag)

(never mind that preparing and coordinating such an assault would take weeks...which it probably did)

Now Syria’s government is under the protection of Russia's Vladimir Putin.

But the remarkable Trump luck and charisma held!

Although great tension existed between Russian and American forces entering Syria prior the the attack.... Putin did NOTHING.

Not a peep!

Not even a strategic re-arrangement of Russian forces or an official protest, much less a warning.

Putin did NOTHING, even though Russian prestige and credibility had just been stomped into the ground, along with Russia’s ally, Syria

But all’s well that ends well, right?

Trump had more important things to do than mull over wrecked airfields and burning corpses on the ground (the rumor is that Russians WERE killed during the attack, but the fact was meekly hidden by the suddenly supine Putin).

And a meeting with the President of China was now in the offing!

It was Trump’s first face-to-face meeting with the President of China, Xi Jin Ping,  a hard nosed, hard faced, tough and taciturn ruler who had presented a hardcore antagonism in relation to the US.

Trump and Xin were expected to speak about very sensitive issues, like North Korea, Chinese support against Kim Jong Un and Taiwan.

All this just prior to Trump’s antagonistic and  jingoisitic trumpeting against China, saying that America would take care of North Korea with or without China and that China was ‘raping America” commercially.

You can imagine my surprise when stone-faced Xi Jin Ping came out of the meeting SMILING, which was surprising enough, but the guy was actually  smiling and looking at the sky! He was looking at the heavens and smiling!

Common sense would tell you Xi had not only met the love of his life, but had scored big time...or he had simply scored one hell of a diplomatic victory.

Which leads me to ask the question:

What had Xi Jin Ping and Trump talked about?

And, more precisely, what had Trump OFFERED Li Xin Ping?

Sesame chicken?

Whatever it was, China immediately went over to the side of the United States, not only cutting off all trade with North Korea but also threatening to NUKE them if they didn’t behave.

What the hell did Trump offer China to have them lean over like that?

Here the troubling possible answers start to take form.

But this was no time to celebrate, matters had to be concluded with North Korea itself.

It was time for the Trump charm again!

Before you knew it, matters were being arranged for a possible Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un face-to-face, so they could talk as friends (all this while they were mutually threatening to nuke each other and start WW-III, of course).

The North Koreans seemed amenable to Trump’s invitation to talk (but then they had been trying to esablish multilateral talks for decades).

Another Trump victory! (never mind that meeting with Kim Jong Un disassembles decades of non-recognition of North Korea by South Korea and the rest of the world)

Why not tea and crumpets with Assad right after we blow up Syria? Anything’s possible!

But again, the bothersome question arises, just what is Trump offering all these world leaders to suddenly get them to shut up as American kicks their allies in the groin...or emerge looking at the sky and smiling broadly as Trump tears them a new asshole in his speeches.

What indeed.

To look into that, you have to look at what Trump has already agreed to unofficially behind CLOSED DOORS.

Did you know that Trump agreed with Putin that Russia was entitled to take the Black Sea and half of the Ukraine as Russian territory?

Check it out!

Did you know that Trump has agreed to ACCEPT the One-China policy?

Perhaps the confirmation of this is what triggered Xi Jin Ping’s inability to stop smiling?

Do you know what all of this means?

And the possible meeting Kim Jong Un?

I am sorry, nausea is starting to take over my senses, and will probably begin to take over yours, once you really understand what Trump did.

Trumps recognition of Russia’s right over the Black Sea, the Crimea and half of Ukraine (which he agreed with right after the election) is a defacto acceptace of Russia’s occupation of the Ukraine.

In other words, the Ukraine (a close and trusted US ally) is now being thrown to the wolves (or better said, to the Russians).

As for  Xi Jin Ping’s smiling fit, remember that a main topic of conversation was the One China Policy...and Taiwan.

Brief history lesson: The Taiwanese were the freedom-loving Chinese from mainland China who fled to the island of Formosa from the Communist nightmare once America stopped supporting them in their fight against Mao Tse Tung.

Since then, they have been our loyal allies.

I will say our inexplicable loyal allies, since we have kicked them in the face too many times.

The first time was when America stopped supporting them in their fight against the Communists.

The second, when we had them tossed from the United Nations so we could put Communist China in their place in 1971.

The third, when we stopped recognizing them as a nation so we could get chummy with China in 1979!

Has the fourth betrayal just occurred?

The One China Policy is the recognition that China(including Taiwan) is ONE country and that the legitimate government of China sits in Beijing!

Well, seeing that Trump has ALREADY accepted the One China Policy, the this seems inevitable!

No wonder Xi was looking at the sky and smiling.

Taiwan’s goose is cooked!

Taiwan is now officially open for China!

Please understand the acceptance of Russian sovereignty over the Ukraine and China’s One China Policy sets the stage for the invasion of the Ukraine (by Russia) and of Taiwan (by China).

Were these the “deeealllllzzzz” Trump offered up to keep Putin quiet and make China a ally against North Korea while shutting the up about the Spratleys?

And what is North Korea being offered?

Our full support for if it were to swallow Seoul?

Trump has made too many deals and he seems to be offering too many promises.

Unfortunately, in the process, Trump seems to be offering up the lives and future of millions of human beings who happen to be loyal allies of the United States, and who have FAITH in that alliance.

But it is old news that the United States is a master betrayer, and has betrayed many allies along the long, hard road of the struggle against Communism...and now Muslim fundamentalism (see below)

America: The Great Betrayer

And the betrayal of the Ukraine, Taiwan...and Syria (an ally against Isis and Al Qaeda) just confirms this.

But it makes Trump look good, though!

Just send in the Trumpster and all the smiles and handshakes begin.

This man is all about matter if WE are the ones who end up getting buried.

And the betrayal of the Ukraine, Taiwan and Syria are giant leaps towards our own destruction.

After all the smiling and handshaking are over, keep an eye open for what happens to Taiwan and the Ukraine. 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Sorry for Being Gone So Long

You might have noticed (perhaps) that I was gone for a very long time from my Blog, writing no article and even making no comment.

I apologize for that absence.

Just hazards of the trade, I guess, when one day you suddenly...WAKE UP BLIND.

No explanation, no warning, no indicatory causes.

The Opthamologist was equally baffled (or should I say, unconcerned) after he did all his tests and ushered me out the door.

It was here that I suddenly came to understand that there are two segments of the population - those without Health Insurance (like me) and those with.

The people WITHOUT, I found out, get to be cut into on the waiting list, and even as they sit in the doctor's office.

Mind you this is after me setting up an appointment, confirming that I will be present and actually arriving on time.

They made me wait and HOUR after arriving, as more fit and proper citizens walked into the office and cheerfully made their way right to the waiting doctor.

But back to my blindness.

For the first time I realized how important being able to see really is, and how much of our existence is based on it.

After my visit to the unconcerned doctor's office, I was driven back to my house, where (unable to work) I moped to myself, finally saw what an abandoned shit of a human being I was, finally going back to sleep in my new realization.

I wished to God, that if what I wrote had ANY value to him, any of all, he would cure my blindness, so I could continue writing the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog, and if it had no value at all to him...then just strike me down and kill me.

My blatant proposition was answered the next morning, when I woke up with limited sight.

But it wasn't normal sight.

Everything was very gray, a gray so thick that it looked like the world was enveloped in fog and the sky (which I guess was blue) was gray itself.

I had a bad feeling about this newfound eyesight.

Especially when parts of my vision were suddenly were melting away like overheated celluloid film and I could see writing (a lot of hand writing) within the gap in a yellow background.

Also, as I began driving, which I foolishly did, I kept stopping for people which I though were about to cross my path, but, when stared at directly...just weren't there.

Also, I noticed a green tinge on my skin, and other people, combined with black veins, which looked creepy enough...all a sort of distorted vision, not reality.

In addition, the figure and image of  black lightning bolts on a yellow background kept appearing, in addition to very organic looking sponge-like material which I could 'see' at the corner of my eye.

And add to this Sasquatch-like people which either existed or I simply thought I saw, shadow people (ditto) and finally (get this)...a featureless man in a bowler hat which quite shyly leaned over from behind a telephone pole, looked at me, and then leaned back into hiding.

I had never taken drugs of any sort, and never had the experience that I had been drugged, but my eyesight had a tinge of evil about it, especially the black lightning bolts and the organic material I kept having visions of as I closed my eyes.

The days passed and my vision (slowly) the point that I am writing this blog entry today.

My opinion on the incident.

It had a totally demonic tinge.

Long ago, I have learned to fear the occult and have lived in greater terror of it than of simple people with guns.

It was the stuff that I COULD see that led me to suspect the conclusion that 1) it was an attack and 2) it was a demonic.


Probably to show me what power they now had over the world - direct demonic power over you and me and all the inhabitants of this place.

Then I thought back a little and DID come to realize I was writing a little more on the occult, perhaps more than some entities would think appropriate.

Then I remembered what they were doing at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.

People there are now literally opening up the gates to other dimensions, and letting things through.

All this being done in secret, is ongoing and is increasing in scale.

People talk about doors to the other dimensions, others say they are accessing the Bottomless PIt...while still others are saying they are simply opening the gates of hell.


 So was this one of the results?

Are Demons poking directly into our livee, striking us blind (and who knows what else) and transmitting images to our brains? seems to be happening.

And remember, the Internet is now been connected to CERN and is now entering your home live through Wi-Fi (if you have it) 24 hours a day.

So enjoy the ride!

(or, if you're smart, disconnect your Wi-Fi).

  I just get the feeling people will soon start having weird dreams, invisible friends and friendly familiars very soon...perhaps even angelic-looking beings wanting to offer you guidance.

Meanwhile, my sight has returned, but never to the same level it had been before, I still have very limited vision...but enough, it seems, to write this blog.

So, warning enough.

Things don't seem normal.

I also notice the sudden increase in senseless violent crime across the world as well as outright serial lying.

Oh, and lets not forget the WAR they are preparing.

And if they do, what a war it will be:

No prisoners...captives tortured to death...troops and civilians hit with nuclear weapons...biological and cybernetic viruses...and microwave weapons leaving you crippled or blind or crippled.

Please Mr. Trump, do NOT start this war, especially with the portals of Hell being open at Geneva, Switzerland.

We do not need this type of trial.